Over the years, my gypsy-like lifestyle of moving from city to city has made it difficult to focus on projects other than short term commissions. As a result my ever growing list of personal art goals has been set aside and ignored. Now that I have finally settled into a home where I know I don't have to uproot my life at a moments notice THE TIME HAS COME to start focusing on what I want to work on most. I have taken a look at my list of personal projects and am now focused on tackling them head on.

Publishing my art in the form of a book is something that was on my list in a couple of different ways. To learn the publishing process I've picked a theme for an upcoming art book. In the coming months I'll be focused on creating content for a botanical beauties book. Hopefully the experience I gain from this process will guide me towards a future project that has been brewing for years, an original graphic novel. Thank you in advance to any patrons who can contribute towards my artistic freedom to create works for you to enjoy. Click Here to check out my Patron.