MEXICO!!!!! Oh Mexico how I miss you. Our flight there was delayed by 5 hours. We got locked out of the house we were staying at. Had to find a way to climb up to the second floor patio. I got sick because of some bad shrimp I ate. Then on the way back I had two apples in my bag. Just cuz of those two apple we were stuck in an airport line for another 2-3 hours so they can personally throw the apples away. O___O I should have just eaten them on the plain like I was suppose to, instead of NOMnoming on Mexican chips. WORTH IT! ALL totally WORTH IT!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVED Mexico. Tony's family was amazing! We stayed in a little town with dirt roads. We hiked up to see a church. Had great food. Met wonderful people. Cant wait to go back! But this time... I eat the apples on the plane and must avoid shrimp o___o.