In times where the pressure to conform dominates popular culture 24/7, our mission is to remind you to embrace what sets you apart and STAY dfrnt

dfrnt is the union of two artists who encouraged each others personal and artistic differences. Today the married couple collaborates on new work that encourages others to do the same.

Mia Cabrera / LEAD ARTIST

Cuban American artist hailing from Miami, of course. Lover of comics, film, and all things nerdy. Mia has always had her head in the clouds until she found a medium to bring them down to Earth.

As the BETTER HALF, jajaja, of dfrnt, Mia works full time to execute many of dfrnt's designs with her signature yet evolving style. To put it her way, I DO WHAT I WANT!!

Tony Cabrera / CO FOUNDER

Born and raised in Lennox California, Tony uses his Mexican roots as a source of inspiration and a reason to inspire.

His full time career in the motion picture industry inspires him to keep creating new art and eventually stories of his own with dfrnt. After work Tony spends as much time as Mia lets him get away with, managing and assisting with dfrnt projects.


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